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Amazing attention to detail in this LEGO Living Room as Paula G completes the second room in her house.

(via legoexpress)


LEGO optical illusion by Brixe63.

And no, it’s not Photoshop:

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Busted… (by Fazoom)

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Bricks Philippines together with the Department of Tourism created an 18x30 ft Philippine map with famous regional landmarks such as Luneta, Fort Santiago, El Nido Resorts, Vigan, Batanes, Bohol and other interesting Filipino sites – all built with LEGO bricks. People can view the the exhibit at the Mall of Asia from August 12 to 27.

Yesterday when some family friends came over I had to watch over some kids. I took time to really find something to keep them occupied while I do what I normally do on occasions like that hahaha anyway I got them playing Lego. I’m glad that Lego is a classic concept of a toy that has gotten generations building stuff out of their imagination.

I was inspired to build my old set of Lego Dinosaurs (kinda dusty though).

This set is awesome the pieces are enough to make three dinosaurs:

Tyrannosaurus Rex


And this other one :))

"Just gonna stand there and watch me roar, that’s alright cause I am a dinosaur"